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Every business is in search of an advantage in today’s marketplace. Jim Doyle & Associates, a national marketing consulting firm, has given thousands of small and medium sized businesses an advantage by helping them articulate a clear marketing strategy that grows their business.

JDA will…

  • Separate you from your competitors
  • Create a marketing message that’s consistent with how your customers see you
  • Reach customers in the new media landscape
  • Break through all the clutter in customers’ lives and make them remember you
  • Help you know that your marketing efforts are on track

Have you been invited to an Advertising Seminar by Tom Ray, Executive Vice President, or Don Fitzgibbons, The Guru of Ads?  Learn more…

tomdonRSVP now for a very extradordinary experience. Tom and Don have conducted hundreds of marketing and advertising seminars and consulted with thousands of businesses across the United States.  In their presentations Tom and Don share powerful marketing strategies that will help you grow market share and get much better results from your advertising. You will learn marketing theories and how to apply them to increase customers and sales at your business. No sales pitch, just lost of ideas to make your advertising more powerful.

Is a JDA Senior Consultant coming to your town? Learn more…

Ten Jim Doyle & Associates Senior Consultants work one-on-one with business owners across the country to develop specific marketing strategies that deliver greater advertising impact. The JDA Senior Consultant team comes from diverse backgrounds, and all bring years of marketing expertise to help your business grow. Our Senior Consultants sit side-by-side with you, along with your television representative, to understand your business and then design an effective, individualized plan to get results. A huge benefit is that they will bring ideas already working in other markets throughout the country.

“Using just one of JD&A’s techniques, we increased our results 33% in the first 3 months. We’ve changed nothing else about our marketing and, last year, we nearly doubled our inquiry calls.  Thank you for including Mike and me in Tom Ray’s presentation yesterday…. I left the meeting energized, optimistic, and grateful to have a media partner who invests in helping us grow our business.”

-Jerry Schmidt, Serenity Lane Health Services, Eugene, OR

“I feel like I just earned my Masters degree in Marketing!”

   -A recent attendee at a Tom Ray seminar

“The payoff has been phenomenal!  Without increasing our ad budget, we’ve doubled the amount of traffic to our showroom.”

   -Lady Americana Mattress Outlet, Lawton, OK

“Before going through the JDA process, I was all over the board.  Having learned to focus our advertising with consistency and frequency, I now see it as one of the most important pieces of our business.”

   -Jeff Richmond, Valley Imports, Fargo, ND

“Our meeting with the Senior Consultant reinforced the power of focus in our advertising – and the most valuable was the creative piece.  The JDA organization showed us how to offer something of value to our customers in a way that continues to pay dividends.  I’m thrilled!”

    -Steve Wright, Director, Wright Funeral Home, Morehead, MN

“I’ve tried it all!  Now I use TV for one reason – it works.”

    -Rocky Stevens, Dalton Carpet, Eugene, OR

“We thought we might be too small for TV, but have discovered a great success story for us.”

    -Chad Kotz, Ideal Auto Sales, Decatur, IL

Jim Doyle & Associates (“JDA”) is a national sales training and marketing consulting firm. We partner with broadcast and cable television companies, providing customized media-specific programs and tools that uniquely increase revenue and make sales teams more effective.

Television advertising and digital options are extremely powerful and motivating tools, but they must have the right elements to be impactful. Each year the JDA team of consultants makes over 4300 local business sales calls with television account executives. Using this “feet on the streets” approach, we have perfected results-driven advertising, and through our Programs and Products you will benefit from that experience.

Exclusive In-market Programs. The JDA Senior Consultant team comes from diverse backgrounds and successful careers to ensure your success. Our market-exclusive, full UPGRADE Selling® Program focuses on the specialized needs of Ad Sales Organizations . We’ll sit side-by-side with you, your AE’s, and your clients to understand each client’s unique business needs and then design strategic, individualized presentations that will close business – lots of business. Another huge benefit? Year-round access to our team of knowledgeable top performers and LOTS of extra support, which will produce revenue that exceeds your investment many times more.

Tools to make your team more prepared to win in our highly competitive industry. Our tools have been developed specifically for Television Advertising Organizations. Whether you need help creating more effective commercials that keep clients renewing, or a thorough training program for your new(er) AEs, we’ve got what works, AND at a price that produces an ROI even your business manager will love!